Mabon: A Time for Harmony

Today marks the Autumn Equinox, and a time to ensure that one’s own life is in balance. In the past year, I feel that I have reaped many successes, and there is much to be grateful for. Though these are becoming fewer when it comes to material conquests, for the first time in ages I’m writing again. Stories are being spun in my hands, and I’m so proud to have finished pieces.

Moreover, I have ideas regarding where I want my work to progress. I have a vision for Lady Hamilton, both as an extension of myself and for the website. That creative, sexy minx will be inspiring women to understand that the alluring and the crafty can go together. As women, we do not need to shun one part of ourselves in favour of another.

However, this year has been a big one for my spirituality as a whole. Its seems appropriate to discuss this now, on the final pagan holiday on the Wheel of the Year. I have begun to see clearly that all our spiritual paths are leading to the same sacred place. That said, not all will lead us as effectively, and in this we need to use our own judgement. What is right for one seeker may not be right for another. We all have souls in need of different lessons, and so we must be open to new paths for growth.

Anyway, most organised and unorganised disciplines advocate of loving those around us, but some go deeper, teaching us that we are all one – with each other, with the Earth, with all living beings. To believe this is to live lightly, to tread delicately on our Earth Mother, to know that any harm we do is harm done to ourselves. Likewise, to send love and understanding out to others is to receive it.

In the past year, I have learned that we all make mistakes, and we are all doing the best we can on our particular path. After feeling stagnant for years, this time of reflection has allowed me to look on my own life with new eyes. I’ve come to appreciate the miracle of life for its own sake, rather than resenting this gift that I’ve been given.

I have read before that you need to go down to the depths of your soul to understand yourself and your own nature. I feel that this step was taken, whether I had intended to or not. And now, in keeping with the necessary balance, I have swung back into a different type of understanding. We are all forever learning, and our own spirituality is a lens through which we see the world. From there, all other elements of the self branch off. We are, first and foremost, spiritual beings, of and connected to the source of all life. Any teachings which tell us otherwise keep us apart and small.

It is in this spirit that I have started exploring my own spiritual understanding. Detailing my progress in this matter is expected to be part of this blog’s content. However, I will be including my other passions, including my writing and crafting as well. In keeping with today’s spirit, all elements must be in balance.

And so I wish to profess my gratitude to the universe and forces at work in my life. Thank you for being here today, thank you for the abundance bestowed upon us, thank you for the health of myself and those around me, thank you for my inspiration and enthusiasm in all matters.

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