An Election Night Tarot Reading

As I sit here late in the evening, obsessing over an election that I cannot control, I am trying desperately to not get melodramatic. However, I have decided to do a tarot reading for our two candidates to see if I can glean any insight into what is about to happen. At this point, the first polling stations close in seventeen minutes. Though I cast my absentee ballot a little while ago, the results are unknown to me.

Thus, I have done a three-card spread for each candidate to hopefully gain some insight into what we can expect.

Image 03-01-2017 at 15.55.jpg
Clinton: Queen of Wands, Ten of Swords, Knight of Cups. Deck used: Kat Black’s Golden TarotGolden Tarot
Trump: Wheel of Fortune, The Devil, The Hermit.

The major difference between the two is the fact that Clinton’s cards are all of the minor arcana, whilst Trump’s are all majors. Immediately, this says that her actions are all those of an individual, whilst the other is on a ride of events controlled from outside himself.

In the first reading, the Queen of Wands displays a strong, independent woman unafraid to lead. She is nurturing and capable of bringing forth life. The Ten of Swords, however, displays a betrayal. This indicates a loss or disaster which may signify the end of a road – however, all is not lost. It can also signify new beginnings, though on a different path. Lastly, the Knight of Cups acts as a messenger of love, marching calmly on in its name.

In the second reading, the Wheel of Fortune reminds us that certain movements of fate can throw us high or trample us. However, it is usually seen as a positive card. The Devil represents the temptation and fear in our lives that causes us to do things even when we know there is a better way. Additionally, it can also represent a scapegoat – a reason for doing things in one way when our higher selves know the way to be destructive. Lastly, The Hermit is a paragon of introspection and self-knowledge, retreating inward to learn more. The Hermit has authority in some realms, and has dedicated his life to the knowledge of life.

From this reading alone, I would expect that we are looking at a Trump presidency, but perhaps I will be proven incorrect in the morning.