Adjusting to a New Space

Change has always been a tricky thing for me to negotiate, but the last year has really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Leaving our home of six years was a sad experience for me, even if I knew that doing so would bring us more space. Living in the same flat for so long allowed us to really make our mark on the place – the walls had all been painted to suit our tastes, we’d had the kitchen redone, and even had the living room fitted with the carpet from my husband’s childhood bedroom. We put a lot of ourselves into it. It was also the home where I’d found a lot of healing, and where my true spiritual journey began.

Salt lamps found 4 Salt Candle Tea Light Holders (Bundle)here; just starting on a new journal found Baroque Damask Journal (Diary, Notebook)here.

Thus, moving into a house where another family had clearly made their mark (quite often irreparably through the anaglypta) was a shock to the system. However, the month of December was mostly spent redecorating my office and our bedroom. Though it took a week and a half just to remove the overpowering wallpaper in the office, I was so pleased once it was gone. This was, in part, because it was making me ill – wallpaper glue is wheat based, and I am allergic to wheat. This meant a fortnight of breathing difficulty, vomiting and flailing emotions. My husband is so lucky.

Once that was finished, holes were filled in and cracks got smoothed over. Perhaps they were the reason that the previous owners put the wallpaper up in the first place. Now, the paint is a pale blush shade, and I’ve repainted the desk (a vintage pine dressing table that had seen better days) and the chaise legs (also scuffed and grubby) a glossy white, and dyed both the desk stool and chaise upholstery charcoal.IMG_0787.JPG

Thus, they now complement each other, and the Scandi cushion ties into my favourite appliqué curtains. I feel really pleased with the results, and more pleased knowing that I stuck with my old pieces of furniture to create the look I wanted. Though I was sorely tempted to go to IKEA for some new things, I must admit that what I have suits me fine. Both the chaise and desk were second hand pieces found on eBay some time ago, and I’m happy to be continuing their story.IMG_0794.JPG

All the pieces are now nestled in where they should be, and they are all little enough that a quick rearrange will make the room big enough to fit a bed should we have visitors. While the process was a tedious one, I now have a gorgeous study where I can read, write, do yoga and practice the vertical dance to my heart’s content. I even believe the cat approves. However, the most important result of the decoration process was realising that, after it was finished, I finally felt as if I belonged in the house. Perhaps after a few more improvements are made, it really will feel like home – which I feel is so important for accomplishing good work.


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