A Special Guest Reading

Every tarot practitioner experiences fallow periods, when few people are interested in having their cards read. This is okay – it allows one to regroup and enter a period of study. Whether these periods occur because would-be querents are far too busy going full speed ahead after a burst of New Year’s enthusiasm, or are far too broke following the festive period, I am unsure. However, reading for others is a skill that must be exercised. Therefore, I turned to those closest to me to request that practice on them.

So, today we have a special guest here to have her cards read. She has recently gone through a transatlantic relocation and is finding her feet whilst raising her joey. Our guest today is my childhood friend, Redface the kangaroo. For her, we are doing a four-card obstacle spread to pinpoint what is holding her back at the moment.

image1 2.JPG

Now, Redface. The first card, representing the situation at hand, is The Devil. From this, I can see that you are in a situation that feels controlling, as if you cannot get away from it. It also shows temptation, overindulgence and a materialistic lifestyle. Often when this card comes up, it means that we are living in a cycle of obsession and guilt. However, the object of our obsession is often a scapegoat – we blame our bad behaviour on it, rather than taking responsibility for our actions. This is not something to be upset about, my love. We all fall into these slumps, and just by coming here to ask for a reading you are announcing that you are ready for a change. Awareness of the problem is the first step in changing it.


The second card, the obstacle, is the Page of Pentacles. He signifies a new financial opportunity and the initial impetus to get started on this project. However, his energy is flighty. Because he is youthful and easily distracted, this ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ motivation is often not enough to see the task at hand to a successful conclusion. Obviously, this type of energy is unsurprising with such a young joey to watch out for. It’s a busy time for you, I know, but the ground is ripe for growing your dreams right now.


The third card represents the suggested course of action, and we have drawn The Hierophant. He represents the formal, traditional path for solving your quandary. The Hierophant welcomes newcomers to his path, and acts as an experienced guide in leading them on their way. While he is there to lead, it is down a well-trodden path. Though this may not seem flashy or entrepreneurial, it will help you through your obstacle and also add a sense of solid community to your life. If you decide to take on a more trailblazing path later, your foundations in this traditional setting will serve you well. However, this is not the time to make that particular leap.

The final card shows the expected outcome of heeding the above advice, and the result is one of the most positive cards in the deck: the Ten of Cups. This card represents the culmination of a life well-lived: security and love. A rainbow arches across the sky, and the storm has passed. Relaxation and happy times are ahead. It also indicates that a strong romantic love will provide a foundation for this happy life, and shows that your journey will render your life unrecognisable from its current state.

I know things feel challenging now, but please trust that the tried-and-true path on which you are about to embark will lead you to the ultimate satisfaction in life. With this in mind, I hope you have a bit more confidence to take that leap of faith. Sometimes, our cycles of obsession feel impossible to leave, but we’re only ever there because we haven’t lifted the chains away.

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