Voyager Tarot: An informal introduction

Today, I find myself introduced to a new tarot deck. Voyager Tarot: Intuition Cards for the 21st CenturyVoyager arrived this morning and I have been waiting for the right time and question to get us acquainted. Upon opening the deck, I did find the cards’ size a little intimidating. However, I was still able to shuffle without issue. Also intimidating for a girl so cemented in the traditional was the very format of the deck – and that’s why I bought it in the end, as I need to force myself out of my comfort zone every now and then.

As a contrast to anything I’ve selected before, the Voyager has different suits to the traditional decks as well as a few different players in the major arcana. Temperance appears as Art, Judgement as Time-Space and The World as Universe. As in my Ancient Italian Tarot: 78 full colour tarot cardsAncient Italian Tarot, Justice (here called Balance) is in position VIII, while Strength is in position XI. Also in the Voyager, each image is a beautiful collage, all of them arranged to trigger the subconscious and awaken the intuition. Many remind me of the Eye Spy books, which required just the right amount of focus to see the hidden image until that image was all that could be seen.

My first question to this particular deck was about itself, and I asked what it would be bringing to our tarot readings.The result, which was clear in both the keywords and the images, made me glad that this deck called out to me. None of the traditional imagery is so hard-hitting so early on, in my experience. Tarot just got real.


The Four of Crystals is the equivalent of the Four of Swords, and displays a smoky quartz crystal (among others) against a backdrop of nature’s geometry. Its keyword is logic. We have a smoky quartz in our home; we’ve called it the Black Hole for its ability to clear away negative energy. With this in mind, I feel that the deck at hand allows for natural logic to prevail because it banishes clouds of negativity effectively.

The next card is Six of Wands, which is usually depicted as a victory march. The keyword here is trust, and the images display a balance between vulnerability and courage. Trust needs to be in place before one can take that leap or open up. For trust to work, it also needs to be reciprocated. Therefore, I am reading this as a mutual sense of trust, which will allow the relationship to fully bloom.

The final card is Three of Crystals, bearing the keyword creativity. The scope of this card is huge – from the tiniest details in crystals to the distance beyond. This makes me think that the deck will be assisting creatively on many types of problems; no query is to lofty or too minute. This keyword may also refer to my own thought processes – exposure to the cards may result in a more creative mind due to the exercising of my intuition.

Logic, Trust and Creativity are the qualities that the deck has advised will bring. It’s a strong statement, but I find myself on board. After a long search for the ‘perfect’ deck, I never thought that the one which spoke to my gut the most would look so…forward. I expected that I would fall in love with a reprint of an old deck. However, I find myself feeling a bit giddy as the Voyager cards hum on my desk. It’s a new experience.

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