Voyager Tarot: Fool-Child

The way I interpret the RSW Fool and the way I interpret the Voyager’s Fool-Child is a prime example of the different ways card meanings change from one deck to the next. Though the cards serve the same function in their respective decks, the Fool-Child seems to remind me more that our innocence is often in our lack of knowing. It also hints at a wide-eyed innocence that borders on the eerie.

Deck used: Voyager Tarot: Intuition Cards for the 21st CenturyVoyager Tarot

To me, the most prominent feature of the card is the slightly battered porcelain doll head, and my closest association with it is the Chernobyl disaster. Recent photographs of the site show us that nature is reclaiming the space, even after humans have done their best to destroy the planet. So, too, can the Fool-Child be seen as the reclamation of nature over our damaged selves, making us fresh again over our past experiences.

Photo from The Guardian; photographed by Guy Corbishley

We can also see in this card the excitement and anticipation associated with the creation of a new life. The tenuous miracle of life is evident, including the uncertainty and fear we might feel about bringing such a life into the world.

The fireworks in the background remind us of our explosive potential if a fire is applied in the right way. The rows of yellow lights on a dark blue background remind me of a toy I had as a child: the Lite Brite, in which individual pegs would show a picture when added together. Perhaps this could speak of collaboration, or of working with a few different elements individually to create a bigger picture.

image1 9.jpg

The card also sends several messages. It speaks of the gangly awkwardness of youth and of the joy of finding surprise and wonder in a long-held job. It also hints at getting to a point of high achievement in a pursuit and still finding revelations. Therefore, this is a long-haul journey. This path can also be seen as a pilgrimage from rigid, masculine ways into a more intuitive way of being, exemplified by the figure standing at the precipice of a cliff. The daisies and orchids, perennial flowers, remind us that life is renewed within us and outside of ourselves.

Lastly, we can see several birds at the bottom of the card. They are at once exotic and commonplace, ‘birdbrained’ and wise. Their lineage stretches back to the time of the dinosaurs, making them a connection we have with our earth’s earlier history. Here, their presence tells us that our spirit guides will be blazing the path for us, helping our dreams take flight.

In short, what we can learn from this card is that a fresh start is on its way. It will not be without its times of awkwardness or youthful mistakes. It may even be a new start after a disaster. However, it will help you see things in a fresh, childlike perspective. Though this time of change may lead to anxiety and apprehension, you’ll know that you’re on to something big. Moreover, the spirits are with you. Prepare to embark on a path of renewable joy and lifelong interest. Everything that there is to fear may not be known to you at the moment, but it’s time to begin. For now, enjoy the freedom of the unknown.

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