The Fool: Journal Entry

When I started learning to read the tarot, Theresa Reed’s Tarot Card by Card was one of the most helpful resources for understanding the card meanings. The book encourages us to relate each card’s meaning to our own experiences, removing uncertainty and a lack of confidence from our peripheral vision.

Card meanings need to be felt rather than memorised. A visceral response will make interpreting a reading more fluid and conversational, which is why I felt that the journaling prompts in Tarot Card by Card have been so helpful in discovering what the cards mean to me. After all, this individualism found in the symbols present is where the magic happens. Insight and intuition can bloom from this starting point, giving rise to observations that would have not come about otherwise. And so, I include my own journal entry based on the prompt for the Fool.

image1 11.JPG
Deck: Art of Life Tarot; Journal found here.

Prompt: When have you taken a major risk?

My biggest risks have been in the name of love or creativity. However, the one that stands out most was marrying my husband after knowing each other for such a short time. During the few months of our courtship and engagement, we overcame many obstacles – long distances, illness, a miscarriage. By the time we were preparing to walk down the aisle, we knew that our love had been fortified.

A few years ago, I started finding my own voice, which felt like its own risk. Even now, I don’t always do this, but I am working towards being more honest and less people-pleasing. It has often been easier to hide my own thoughts so I can go with the flow, as it were, but it has become liberating to work from a more honest part of myself. Things get done faster, I understand my own wants better, and rarely do I feel compelled to stay quiet. It’s encouraged me to sound out what feels right for me rather than what is conventional. Still, it requires effort. I remember having a Reiki session with my Reiki master once and her breaking off in a coughing fit when she got to my throat chakra, saying that I’d been keeping it suppressed. I have to keep her words in mind when I feel myself holding back my truth – it’s not healthy.

Lastly, my scariest risk to date was leaving my job to become a full-time writer. This blog was part of that effort, of course, and there have also been several pieces of fiction in the works. One in particular I have been working on since I did my MA degree, as it was part of my final project. Now, with the end of winter approaching, I feel it is time to start polishing it and preparing the story for its own debut.

It’s occurred to me that I am really focusing on the times when taking a risk has resulted in a positive outcome, as I clearly don’t want to put myself off the idea of taking risks and going into unchartered waters. I accept that this is partly because of the career path I have chosen. May I always be like the Fool, ready to leap into the unknown and take on something new when the opportunity arises.

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