The Magician: Journal Entry

The Magician is all about manifesting goals and bringing light into the physical realm. With the right channels, we can use that divine spark of creation to get us going. This card reminds us to channel our link to the divine so that insight and wisdom can flow through us in all that we do.

Recognising intuition when it speaks can be difficult at first, as its voice is quieter than the voice of the ego. Additionally, it can often be overridden by second-guessing or outright dismissal. Like the Magician, however, channelling this wisdom brings the wild beauty of creation down to Earth. This is an infinite learning process as well, with our path feeding into itself continuously. It is with this channelling in mind that I continue my journal entries from Theresa Reed’s Tarot Card By Card, so that I may grow more in touch with the card’s meaning.

Deck used: Art of Life: Tarot Deck by Charlene LivingstoneArt of Life Tarot

Prompt: What is your secret (or not so secret) power? Write about your greatest talents, both recognised and latent.

I am a writer. One of the greatest compliments that I have ever received is that I craft beautiful sentences. There are times when words seem to flow through me, and other times when I sit down to write and barely anything gets written. I accept that this is all part of the process – inspiration is a fickle thing, and sometimes I wait for inspiration before acting. As Pablo Picasso is quick to remind me, however, ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.’ So I need to start taking action and building up skills, even if I am unsure where everything is leading. I must have faith that inspiration will come.

Thus, I feel that my talent is my mulish way of ploughing away at my goals, regardless of whether or not Inspiration is working through me on that particular day. It has led to the creation of some pieces that will never see the light of day, but very often there is a nugget of gold to be sifted from anything I write.

On the whole, the Magician stands for the action we need to take – he provides the spark and we need to run with it. He activates our raw energy, helping us take responsibility for the things we need to do. Step up to the challenge. Here, I must recognise the need to take that spark and move forth with my goals. I must acknowledge myself as a conduit for this raw energy and make the most of my natural, if mulishly executed, ability.

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