The Empress: Journal Entry

I see the Empress as a mother who loves unconditionally, even when we are not living up to our potential or when we feel distanced from ourselves and feeling our worst. She is there, encouraging us back on our path of creativity. She reminds us to keep speaking our truth, even when it is inconvenient.

image1 3.jpg
Deck used: Art of Life Tarot

She also represents those joyous times in our lives when we are in harmony with the creative process, giving birth to new ideas and projects. Her aura is one of receptivity, indicating the best time to transmute ideas into something concrete.

One word that has really resonated for me with the Empress is ‘abundance.’ This doesn’t mean having riches or excessive possessions – it’s the ability to see enough in what one has. It indicates a shift in perspective rather than a gathering of items or surface friendships. Feeling abundance can be a barometer, showing that one has gone from a feeling of lack to one of everyday joy. Feelings of lack and status anxiety are rife in our affluenza-ridden culture, but recognising abundance means that we embrace what we have and feel gracious and grateful.

Likewise, the Empress is a symbol of everyday luxury. She is often pictured on a chaise in nature, the forest her palace. She could just as easily be a nude model on velvet cushions in a starving artist’s garret, or a couple barefoot on the banks of a stream. She embodies glamour and penniless decadence.

This sense of romance is one that I like to evoke during periods of stagnation, or times when I need to return to my creative side. At times, life can get in the way of making creative progress. However, I believe that the spirit of the Empress will be present to guide us through our endeavours so that we might bear our own fruit.

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