The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

While I once used this platform to discuss tarot card meanings, I have realised that, at present, I have something bigger happening in my life. My mindset around my stuff is changing, and I feel it’s time to document.

A blizzard is swirling outside my window, and I’ve spent this snow day clearing out my wardrobe. So far, two large bin bags await consignment or donation. It’s been productive, if a bit disheartening.

This exercise has been such an eye-opener for me. I’ve gone through all the items I’ve accumulated. Some need to go – they no longer fit or I just don’t wear them for some mysterious reason. Others can stay. The truth is, I’ve been struggling with a shopping addiction for years and am now trying to get myself in shape. My long-term goal is to become a minimalist.

Of course, I’ve had wardrobe purges in the past. However, none of them really stood the test of time. I’ve always held on to things I haven’t worn for years or allowed lacklustre pieces into the sartorial family. In the last 18 months, my body has also changed shape a little, so things that fit previously often don’t now.

So the journey here is twofold: to eliminate all of the pieces that aren’t working for me and to stop shopping. These are both reasonable goals; yet, in the past, I have gone through phases of addictive acquisition. Usually, these follow periods of loneliness or some other kind of emotional upset. The items purchased during these times often don’t stand the test of time and were simply a placeholder. Sometimes, the guilt of shopping itself has made me want to shop in order to quell the negative emotion. This is so backward, but I belong to a shopaholics’ support group and know it to be a fairly common reaction.

If I could return half the contents of my wardrobe, I would. However, that is a different journey. Here, I am going to dedicate my time and energy to things other than shopping. In doing so, I hope to reconnect with myself and simplify my life.


Lady H

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