Letting Go

This past weekend, I donated my wedding dress to a second-hand bridal boutique. Even as recently as last year, this action would have been unthinkable. Yet, doing so was joyous and liberating.

This wasn’t because I needed the closet space, although a couple of years ago I could have used it. I made this choice because I loved wearing that dress so much. I hope that another woman can feel like a bride in it also – preferably before it goes out of style. So the Laird Hamilton and I drove to the aforementioned boutique and handed it over together.

In a way, I expected to feel sad afterwards, but the truth is that I just felt a little bit freer. Apart from during closet clearouts, I hadn’t really looked at it in several years. The real joy in that dress is in the photos that were taken on our wedding day.

Lastly, I hesitate to mention this, but I think it might resonate with others. As I considered donating the dress, I got weirdly superstitious. As if moving the dress on was the same as moving on from the relationship. Obviously, this is silly, but I think many of us have nagging superstitions in the backs of our minds. It’s time that I release such nonsense. Perhaps I should think about minimising limiting beliefs next.


Andy's wedding 197.JPG

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