The Vintage Conundrum​

I’ve always loved wearing vintage pieces. When my cousin and I were little, we used to dress up in our grandma’s petticoats and frocks. I was hooked. This love continued as I started buying my own clothes, and I often found myself taking in pieces that needed extra love. There was something comforting to me about taking care of the old, unfashionable things.

Needless to say, this also resulted in me having rather too many things. Also, I had to admit to myself recently that I don’t wear most of them enough to warrant keeping them. What I do wear are the evening pieces. The daytime looks, not so much. My daily life is more active and slouchy than those stiff dresses and skirts can accommodate. Dancing, writing, dog-walking – I basically live in comfortable stuff that washes easily. Almost all of it is second-hand, but the look is decidedly modern.

This is, of course, not what my fantasy self wears on a daily basis, but she is in Paris now, dressed up like Dita Von Teese’s doppelganger. Her things must go with her.

So, I still love the vintage look and already own a number of pieces. I realised that I need to compartmentalise. A handful of evening dresses, being things I’ve worn in the last year, can remain. The daytime pieces, however, will need to be sold on to other vintage lovers, who will hopefully wear them more than I.

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