Glamour = Always New

We’ve all fallen into a rather curious trap: not wanting to wear the same thing to two events. Some people even set a rule for themselves, deciding that an outfit cannot be worn again if it’s been seen on Facebook. I’m guilty of this thought pattern, of course, and I used to keep a mental tally of all the times I’ve worn a piece of clothing so as to not repeat it for the same ‘audience.’ It was as if I were the Duchess of Cambridge and someone will be reporting whether I wore the same frock.

Um…what? How did we get here? How did we decide that we needed to be celebrities in our own lives? Don’t we have actual celebrities for that, and aren’t there enough of them to keep us satisfied? Or is it the huge number of famous people who have made all of us decide that we, too, should be ‘famous’ in our friendship circles? Do our friends put pressure on us if we don’t wear something new, or are we doing that to ourselves?

But I digress. We as a society have become less interested in owning things that suit us well and that will stand the test of time because we’re more interested in rocking new pieces. Their craftsmanship and inherent worth have become less important than whether they’re on their maiden voyage. Also, if they only have a maiden voyage, there’s no chance of needing to pay a rather expensive dry cleaning bill which might come to more than the item itself.

In a way, this practice makes a bit of financial sense if the cost of maintaining item costs more than replacing it. But surely we should see the low price tags for what they are: a hint of the garment’s sordid past.

I know shopping addiction has become a rather more common ailment than it once was. Mary Todd Lincoln used to corner that market in her very wide skirts, and now it’s occupied by millions of us. Surely, though, glamour should be more about personal style and feeling good. It’s less distracting than tallied garment wears, stiff impulse buys and itchy tags.

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