Statement Pieces v. Basics

For years, I’ve had trouble parting with money for basic pieces. Plain tops, jeans without embroidery, single-colour handbags that match anything else? As far as I was concerned, they may as well have not existed. And so I give you the wardrobe almost completely comprised of statement pieces. I thought I was spending my money better, investing in items that were special and exciting.

I also noticed this trend continue when I made my own things. I was reluctant to spend money on plain black yarn or grey fabric. When I chose fabric or yarn to make my own pieces, I always chose them for the way they looked on the bolt or in the skein rather than thinking of how the end product would fit in as a wearable garment. With this in mind, it’s quite easy to see how I ended up with nothing to wear.

So, I realise that it’s time to start over a bit. As a baby minimalist, I’m learning that cultivating the right wardrobe is not just about having comfortable, attractive things. It’s also about having items that coordinate well and work with the same accessories. Some writers I’ve read have recommended documenting all your outfits so you know what you have. I expect that this tactic would also help me learn any shortcomings lie, and therefore where I can minimise. It might also reveal where I have extremely impractical items…and I might just have to be okay with those.

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