Minimising Journey: Chemicals

Today, I feel as though my life is quite insular. My main concerns revolve around my body, its health and comfort, as well as my house and family. I feel as if minimalism is helping me to grow from a little kernel of truth within my life. It’s helping me to get to know myself first, then branch out to other things. Previously, I was more concerned about the way others saw my life, and I often viewed it as if I were some sort of voyeur. These days, I am reexamining everything to see where it fits in my life.

Like most people, I was once big on chemicals. Tooth whitener, hair dye, scented body lotion – all had a place in my home. My efforts to reduce the number of chemicals I use started not from a healthcare perspective, but rather a desire to stop buying things in plastic. This goal has proved to be borderline impossible, but my waste levels have definitely reduced. It wasn’t until after I started learning about the items I used to buy that I realised how bad they can be for my health. Discarding them came with a new sense of reward.

However, mixing my own laundry detergent and hand soap have felt like easy tasks in comparison to my beauty routine. My once-black hair has two-and-a-half inch dirty blonde roots, and my foundation sits unused almost every day. It’s strange to note that not taking action often feels more difficult. Sometimes I spend almost as long getting ready as I did when I wore a fair amount of makeup, just because I feel as if I should be doing something to ‘better’ my appearance. Also, sometimes not dyeing my hair feels like some sort of task.

That isn’t to say that I’ve ditched my entire beauty regime. I moisturise every day (Neal’s Yard) and go to the salon every 4-6 weeks to have an inch of the dyed hair cut off. It’s a slow process, but I feel that I’m gradually moving towards a life free from harmful chemicals. I may not be the wild woman of the forest yet, but I hope to have her perpetually clear skin.

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