Nothing’s Sacred

After all the decluttering I’ve done, it’s a wonder I still have things left to sell or donate…and yet, I keep finding things I haven’t touched. Sometimes, they’re things I’ve considered untouchable: things I’ve had for years, commemorative things, supplies for hobbies I don’t enjoy anymore. Looking at all this stuff has gotten me a bit stressed out, and I’ve felt immense overwhelm over the past week.

Almost all of my shoes are on the floor of my office, waiting to be sold on eBay. A wheelie bin liner of clothes was donated over the weekend, and I’ve found a buyer for my record collection. Progress is definitely being made at several points around the house. The Laird Hamilton and I are even going to go through the attic space this coming weekend – because nothing says Bank Holiday like a clear out.

Still, there are lots of things that I don’t even like to look at. Clutter these days gives me a sinking feeling, and I find myself avoiding an entire room rather than dealing with it.

Part of the problem is admitting to myself that my needs and priorities have changed. Whereas I once considered myself to be an accomplished seamstress, making all my own evening gowns, I now know that I don’t need to keep making new dresses when I already have enough. As I don’t make things for anyone else, it seems unnecessary to keep up the stash. Worse, I’ve noticed that my own creations rarely stand the test of time. I often sew items in bright colours and patterns, as those are the fabrics I’ve been drawn to. And yet, that isn’t the aesthetic I go for in my daily life.

Though I haven’t gotten the gumption to discard all of the patterns and fabric (or even all of the remnants), I’m hoping that the next week will bring about a break in this wall. If I can find a good home for the sewing stash, I’ll be very pleased with myself.

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