‘I want more like this’ to ‘I want to enjoy this’

I know I should have done it a long time ago, but everything was so pretty. Never mind that I only used a handful of items on the regular. Like everything else, it would seem. And, too, like everything else, the plainest, smoothest items are the ones I use the most. The frilly lace and cumbersome kimonos were always too impractical for actual use. Even my ‘sexy’ pieces are the ones that work well under clothing.

That’s right – I finally went through my lingerie. Throughout my 20s, lingerie has been a way of expressing a femininity that I felt deprived of in my youth. I found things I liked and stocked up, even if I continually wore the same slip around the house with a cardigan thrown over the top. Also, I’m a bit of a fibre snob and so everything is silk or cashmere. The polyblends were the first to go.

It baffled me, looking at all of the pieces of lingerie that I never wore. It was all high quality, all of a good fabric. Why were they so neglected?

Enter multiple items fulfilling the same function.

I bought so many things that did the same job. I thought that I was investing in myself, treating my body to fabrics it would like. This was true to some extent, but there was just too much for it to get close to all of them. I found an item that I liked and replicated its purchase with something similar, knowing that it had gone well the first time. There weren’t any duplicates in the strictest sense, but there were duplicates of function: too many knickers that could only go under dresses, too many slips that were just too long to sit tidily under a skirt.

Also, rather embarrassingly, there were old knix. Like, seriously old. Anything that reminds me of awkward college-era sex needed to go.

The collection was pared down earlier today, whittling the numbers down to the most loveable and useful. This doesn’t mean that I enjoy the sensuality of lingerie any less, but it does mean that I’ll be using a higher percentage of my items.

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