Minimalism and Crafting

I’ve spent ages thinning out my wardrobe, donating handbags and selling my shoes. Even my books saw a decrease in their number in the last week. And yet, one place has remained untouched. The Stash.

I am a knitter as well as a hobbyist dressmaker, resulting in a huge potential for crafty hoarding. Also, when shopping, I felt as if buying fabric and yarn was money better spent than buying clothes. I’m not sure why this is, considering they were supplies to make clothes. The mind works in mysterious ways.

Anyway. As I went through my items yet again, I realised how little I wear the pieces I’ve made for myself. A few see regular wear, but most are rarely taken out of the divan where all my tops are stored. I have no answers for why this is. All are blocked to my measurements and none has obvious flaws – or even flaws that I’ve noticed. So why do I prefer to curl up in my husband’s cashmere rather than my own homespun?

There are no easy conclusions. Maybe I place less value on the things that I make or maybe I just like my jumpers to hang a bit loose. But then why do I keep making things if I don’t use the end results? Learning new skills is always a positive thing, and when I look through pattern books the knitwear is always so appealing. Yet, what’s the point if I don’t wear anything? Why do I spend my time this way?

At the risk of having some sort of existential crisis, I feel it’s time for me to limit the Stash, including a few works in progress that have overstayed their welcome. It’s hard to do this, partly because in doing so, I’ll be giving up on all those potential projects. Still, I feel that it’s time to unburden myself and see how it goes.

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