This post contains pieces of advice for myself which I may or may not continue to take. I find that I give myself very good advice, but very seldom follow it. My personal style was once characterised by stilettos and waspie waistlines as I tried to emulate the pinup style I love looking at on others. I admire those who can keep up that appearance, with the Dita Von Teese bras and perpetually cold limbs. These days, however, it’s just not for me.

It wasn’t until I discovered minimalism that I started admitting a lack of physical comfort to myself. This might sound weird, but I was quick to deny my body’s quirks, believing them to be too odd to acknowledge. Uncomfortable shoes are easy to admit to, as they cause blisters and bleeding. But clothing was different, its effects more subtle.

First went the side-zip dresses. They are often the most beautifully detailed and thus favoured when shopping. However, the top of the zip usually manages to hit on a shingles scar under my armpit. It isn’t visible, but at the end of the day, I can’t wait to take those dresses off. Out they went.

Thanks to VV, tight jeans and most of my tights have gone the way of the dinosaurs. This has affected the way I dress as well, and many of the items that accompanied them were suddenly made redundant.

Tight tops also left Hamilton Hall – the light ones in particular. I stopped wearing a bra years ago thanks to this study and have never looked back. The flip side of this is that my tops need to be carefully layered or loose, lest I receive unwanted comments on a cold day. (‘Machine gun nipples?’ Surely you can do better than that, Youth.)

Now, the challenge is to continue to feel sexy even without the usual accoutrements. My face is still the same, as is my hair. But still, a certain something seems to be missing. Too much comfort and I feel as if I’m pulling a sickie and lounging at my computer whether I’m working or not. A bit of restriction somehow feels more professional. Going forward, though, I’ll be trying to elevate my outfits from ‘this doesn’t hurt me’ to ‘I feel great in this.’ If something’s more attractive than someone comfortable in her own skin, I have yet to find it. I just need to learn how to achieve that.

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