Handbags and the Great Declutter

In the Tennessee Williams play 27 Wagons Full of Cotton, Vicarro analyses Flora’s attachment to her handbag. In the hot sun, she sits on her porch swing clutching onto the white kidskin bag. ‘It’s certain, it’s sure. It’s something to hold on to. It gives you the feeling of being attached to something.’

Is this what my arm candy says about me? That I need to be attached to something to feel less vulnerable outside my home? Still, whenever I bring my handbag out and find that I don’t really need it, Flora crosses my mind. I do question why I would carry it around when all the things I require fit in a pocket. But still, I feel oddly undone without an accessory on my arm.

With this daily requirement in mind, it surprises me to note that I don’t have too many handbags. There is only a handful, and most are classic and match pretty much everything in my wardrobe. But there was always one that got passed over due to a lack of coordinating items. I’d had it for over a year and it had been used twice. Beautiful though it was, I never got selected.

And so I set about finding it a new home. This was easy and stupidly gratifying, as I gave it to a friend who really loved it. Suddenly, I felt better about it than I had since I bought it, and I can now imagine it being carried with love.

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