Lucky 7

I’ve never been one to count my possessions, but this week I wanted to give myself a hard target for decluttering. I decided to put a limit on the number of things that could go back in my wardrobe without feeling as though I was deprived. More importantly, the number itself needed to feel right…and also fit the category where I knew no further decluttering would occur: workout tops.

And so seven became my target. For Spartan minimalists, this will seem excessive. For a more youthful me, this target would have been painful. Seven skirts, seven dresses, seven blouses, seven sweaters. Not everything needed the limit; I only have two jackets, for instance. Maybe I’ll get to seven shoes at some point, but that area is in flux at the moment as I transition to wearing barefoot shoes only – and they’re expensive.

As with any decluttering process, it was time for some honesty. I questioned why I had so many dry clean only items (not for the first time), and wished I could remember how I felt the last time I wore a lot of the pieces. Also, it was time to review the hemlines in light of my ‘flats only’ goal. It was odd to see how many things only appeared flattering when in stilettos. Without that elevation, they made me feel positively frumpy.

This made it easier for me to declutter more, but it made me wonder how many things I’ve bought chasing this cool, stiletto-wearing aesthetic. My pinup clothes, for instance, were lovely to wear but seem to require at least a 2-inch heel to look right. A flat shoe with a knee-length skirt somehow manages to shorten everything. With this in mind, it became so much easier to pick my lucky seven, even if it was a bit forced.

Now, excuse me whilst I fish a lovely sweater out of my discard pile.

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