Progress with books

In the past, book clutter was a real issue for me. I’ve had as many as five bookcases full of books, justifying their general disarray by telling myself that it was okay to have this many books when I was doing my Master’s.

Even as I started decluttering everything else in my life, I never thought I’d touch my books. They are too emotive to me, reminding me of all the historical and fictional journeys I’ve taken. And yet, it was the book Paris Letters that first started me on this path, making me think that there was something more to life than the mindless purchasing I’d always done.

The ‘one in, one out’ rule has been in force around Hamilton Hall, but books somehow started getting overlooked in this regard. It was true visual irony to see The Joy of Less lying horizontally across the top of a shelf of alphabetised, categorised non-fiction. Something had to change.

Slowly, I’ve been able to part with quite a few books and am now down to four bookcases. Some of the things I sold were on subjects I was no longer interested in reading or writing about. Others were simply read and unlikely to be reread.

In the past month, all the books I’ve bought have been digital. Though I’ve been resistant to the Kindle in previous years, I think it’s time to embrace it now. It’s not quite the same as reading a physical book, but I still have plenty of those to read when I get the urge. In the meantime, I’ll settle into a world where I know the exact percentage of Start with Your Sock Drawer that I’ve read and that my most recent purchase resulted in zero tree deaths.

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