Evaluating a Purchase

As a shopping addict, I have to admit that not buying stuff is harder than I thought it would be. Also, learning the difference between a necessity, a replacement and a decadence has been surprisingly tricky.

At the moment, for instance, I am in the process of replacing a black skirt. The one I’ve been wearing since I was 13, purchased for my grandpa’s funeral, has become too short as I approach 30. I donated it, deciding I would wear a much longer one already in my closet. However, this plan appears dowdy with my no-heels look. And so I’m looking for a mid-length skirt to suit my needs. Not schoolgirl short, not ‘only fashionable with stilettos’ long. It also needs to fit me well, and look good with tops tucked in or a sweater lying over the waistband.

It’s the type of purchase I have always avoided. My shopaholic tendencies have always leaned towards the flashy, and I was reluctant to spend money on a plain item. This skirt is a basic, not a statement, so why would I have bothered?

Now, though, I’m operating a strict ‘one out, one in’ policy and want to make sure I get it right. I feel it’s ironic that I didn’t learn how to shop until after I tried to shop in a non-addicted way.

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