Hi, lovely! My name is Andrea, and I’m a tarot reader and writer based in the UK. I live with my husband, our cat, two dogs and tarantula.

Though I’ve been studying the tarot for a few years, I felt that it was time to organise my readings as well as everything I learn. I’ll also be adding any fictional pieces as and when they are fit to see the light of day.

Reading the tarot is a lifelong learning experience, as the cards can reveal new facets of themselves to the reader as and when she becomes ready. It can also be coupled with other techniques of divination, such as runes, numerology and astrology. Many elements can deepen this spiritual practice and provide greater understanding in a reading.

That said, this art isn’t about spying on the past or seeing the future. Instead, these 78 cards can light our journey, helping us to see the path that our higher self knew all along. The tarot can resonate quietly, speaking to the parts of us that may not be readily acknowledged.