Weekly Tarot Reading: Abundance and Balance

In the last week, we had a bit of a renewal. There was a New Moon in Virgo, inviting us to organise, clean and generally overhaul everything. Old habits, cycles and plans concluded to make way for balance, appreciation and abundance. Though there is a tinge of underhandedness in this reading, overall the message is one of partnership, love and balance. So, let’s get down to the reading!


For this spread, I’ve done a basic five card spread and allowed it to tell a story. My query was simple: ‘What can I expect in the coming week?’ The cards have revealed a tale of hard work that results in major-based harmony.

In the first position, we have Three of Pentacles. In this card, the tradesman is observed at his craft by a priest and a wealthy-looking man. Though the imagery is medieval in nature, its message is still relevant. The tradesman’s work, as he puts forth his effort to build the church, is being appraised by others and is found to be admirable. Though the other two men have more social standing than he, his work speaks for itself. This card is one of promise and completing the first steps of a project: outside approval and appreciation are due to those who put forth effort. However, it may also be time to ask for assistance from someone with specialist knowledge if you find that the task is overwhelming.

In the second position, we have the Two of Cups. Building from what we learned in the previous card, this indicates a new partnership is well-fated, as long as both parties are honest. The card depicts a wedding ceremony, with an idealised house on a hill in the background. The caduceus of Hermes hovers above them, indicating a meeting of complementary opposites as well as health.  The card, when paired with the previous one, could indicate a passionate business relationship and a partnership of equals.

The King of Pentacles is a card of material abundance and worldly security. The King has his castle, his money and his produce: all his needs are met. The financial struggle is over, whether through the completion of a project or the attainment of some goal. Take the time to enjoy everything around you and know that, money-wise, you are taken care of.

The fourth card provides a warning: the Five of Swords indicates a triumph that does not feel wholly positive. The opposition has been disarmed, but there’s still a storm coming. Thus, victory can be won, but the cost may be too great. If everyone has turned their backs on you, is victory still worth it? This might indicate a bit of bickering that ends in an explosive argument, even though your only intention was to pick a little fight that you have all the time and never gets resolved. What would the end of that argument look like, and does any result feel like a good one? If no, drop the matter for the time being.

The fifth and final card is Temperance. Our only major in the spread, it reminds us of the big picture: the goal of this creative endeavour or business project that has been the focus of the week’s reading is only part of the story. Working in the masculine all the time leads to burnout, but spending all time in the feminine results in virtually no productivity. Thus, we need to be both grounded and in flow. The journey through life goes up a mountain where the sun rises or sets, depending on perspective.  Hearkening back to the previous card, Temperance asks you to see two perspectives and avoid taking a hardline stance. This is a time to walk the middle ground and leave fighting for another day. Though the world seems to be spoiling for a fight, the ideal stance now is one of blending all those disparate elements in work, life and other agendas to create something more valuable than they were by keeping them separate.

Tarot and Dream Interpretation

Many people who study various esoteric paths soon realise how intertwined each discipline is. Dreams, like Tarot, are filled with our own personal symbology and so convey messages to us on a subconscious level. However, we can use these teachings to better our subconscious lives.

Since I was about 8, I have had dreams about the Holocaust, of hiding in old buildings, of being chased by Nazis. While a past life regression provided me with an explanation for these types of dreams, I often feel drained and hopeless in my waking life after having them. Thus, after a week or so of these types of dreams, I requested a dream that would provide me with the message I need to know in a way that could leave me objective and clear. The one I had last night was blessedly different.

My mom and I were going shopping at a department store that was closing down. We both found that we coveted the same sweater dress, though I wanted it in red and she wanted it in black. The price tag on the red one was unclear, but I already knew the cost. I found I really wanted it because it would make my bust look more prominent. My mom offered to take them to the counter if I would go find my aunt, Trish, who we were meeting. I saw Trish and called out to her, but she didn’t hear me. In the end, she turned around and left. I went after her with no success. So I started to go back to my mom only to find that someone had spilled a chocolate ice cream at the entrance, and big yellow ‘hazardous waste’ tent was put up over the area. The woman setting up the tent  pushed me with the tent’s side and I took refuge in a public toilet.

The area was white and fully tiled, but a bit dated – reminiscent of the malls built in the 1980s. All the toilet stalls were locked from the inside, even though there didn’t seem to be anyone else in there. There was one open toilet stall, but the toilet was filled to the brim with clear water, with no reason for a blockage in sight. When I left the stall, there was only one exit, and it was a different door to the one through which I entered.

The door opened out onto a highway. The air was cold and clean; white snow covered the grass that separated the lanes. Across both lanes of traffic, I saw my old Sunfire, its hood and windscreen embedded in a snowdrift. I went over to it and realised that I didn’t feel confident driving the car myself, and so called a taxi driver. The driver showed up without a car, and looked for all the world like posthumous paintings of Ivan the Terrible – wild eyes and a fur-trimmed coat. I got into the passenger seat of my car and Ivan started hitting on me in Russian, asking me to take my coat off before mumbling something further. When I asked him to repeat himself in Russian, he stopped and got in the car. He sat in the backseat on the driver’s side, pushing the pedals and steering the wheel around the empty driver’s seat. The snowdrift flew off the windscreen, and neither of us seemed willing to take responsibility for the car crash that looked inevitable. 

After interpreting the dream, I turned to the Tarot to discover the most urgent dream element for me to work on. The card that leapt out of my deck was the Six of Swords.

image1 5.jpg
Deck used: The Original Rider Waite Tarot DeckOriginal Rider Waite

The card indicates moving to a time of serenity and enlightenment. Waters are calmer ahead and the shoreline looks inviting. The three sides of the Earthly self are represented here: the feminine, the masculine, and the childlike. Here, we see the masculine entity acting as the driving force, guiding the other two along. Though it is the feminine and childlike natures at the forefront, they wouldn’t arrive at their destination without the masculine backing. Thus, from this card, I can understand that I will need to let my passive, feminine nature defer its action to my more masculine side. No longer will he be driving unsafely from the back seat; he will be in the position of the acknowledged driving force so I can make progress at this time.

A Change of Plans Tarot Reading

Yesterday, I received a call to let me know that an art course I’d signed up for was no longer being held due to lack of interest. As it turned out, I was the only one to sign up for it. Initially, I was so disappointed. This was going to be my chance to prove myself as a visual artist, after all! Not to mention, I spent a small fortune on art supplies, running the gamut from watercolours to acrylics to oil pastels. I figured that, with proper tutelage, I would learn beautiful brush strokes and a new way of seeing the world. Also, I would be able to feel superior to random people at parties by introducing myself as an artist, and it wouldn’t matter if no work sold in my lifetime, because everyone knows that all the good ones became famous posthumously.

So, times of disappointment often call for a re-evaluation. There are a few things that I want to do with my time, and perhaps I’ll be able to learn more and focus better in what will be my own private semester. First of all, there are some things that I would like to sew. A French jacket awaits in fabric form, as do skirts in Hamilton tartan and an ivory silk evening gown; meanwhile, a half-finished leather jacket from a sample sale demands a lining. So I know that there are some sartorial goals here.

In the absence of art school, maybe I can make an effort to draw or paint every day. This concentrated effort will be in the hopes of one day creating my own tarot deck.

Lastly, I would like to become physically stronger, and better able to dance on the X-Pole. It makes me sigh when I think of how strong I once was when I was dedicating my time to pole dancing and aerial hoop. I’m now a scrawny version of myself compared to the girl who could pike into a high hoop with little thought, or act as the figurehead on a pole. My own laziness is all I have to blame, so it’s time to get motivated in this respect as well.

I do sometimes miss being in school, where steady progress was almost assured because a routine would never break. All focus was regimented, and goals were clear-cut. Feedback was constant, and not just if one did something wrong. Unfortunately, not much of the information learned during that time translated into necessary skills today, but I think it’s time to appropriate the discipline of dedicating daily time to different subjects. With this new change in perspective regarding my class cancellation, I turn to the tarot.

Please, Tarot, show me what to focus on to ensure I reach my goals.

Because today’s reading was more for my personal growth and a request for advice, I chose Art of Life: Tarot Deck by Charlene LivingstoneThe Art of Life tarot deck, which has beautiful paintings and lovely quotes on each card. The first card I drew was the Two of Pentacles. Usually depicted as a man juggling two coins, this one instead has four Degas dancers and a quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt regarding the delights of the creative pursuit. The painting has reminded me of something a dance instructor once said to me: ‘The more graceful a dancer is, the harder she is working.’ It has made the takeaway message of this card thus: It is when we work the hardest that we appear the most graceful. This state puts us in a flow of creativity that must be tended daily for it to continue. In doing so, the greatest creative satisfaction is found.

The second card is The Sun, in which the sun itself is not explicitly depicted; however, its light is still seen, filtering through trees and illuminating all it touches. At the bottom of the card is a quote from Nietzsche regarding the serendipitous nature of happiness, quietly appearing in unexpected moments. Like the sun, you do not need to be confronted with happiness head-on to benefit from its warmth and feel its glow. The Sun is a wholly positive card, often depicting the in-the-moment joy of a child. Thus far, both cards remind me that the joy of making art or sticking to creative projects is as much about the time put into the endeavours as it is about the end result.

The third card is, once more, The Hierophant. The quote also comes to us from Mr Roosevelt and portrays a very thoughtful Pope Leo X. This card links back to my Orthodox roots, reminding me that, while I will be traversing unchartered territory within my own life, I am not going to change where I came from or the foundations of my life. For some reason, a Blackadder quote has come to mind: ‘No point – the Black Bank’s got branches everywhere.’ This is reassuring to me, as it’s a subtle reminder that the old ways are always at my core, no matter how I change my outer self.

Lastly, The Chariot was not part of the reading, but I felt its quote was pertinent – and there it was, looking up at me when I settled the deck down. ‘Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

To conclude my reading today, I must keep in mind that the joy of making art is in the creative process itself rather than having made art.

Celtic Cross Spread: A Study

I find tarot a wonderfully intuitive practice to utilise daily. Its depictions help us to uncover truths about ourselves and our everyday situations. The tarot can be read on a personal level and on a larger, comprehensive level. Generally speaking, the minor arcana deal with our day-to-day questions. These are the aspects of our lives that we affect by our own action, and the things we often have control over. Alternatively, the major arcana deal with universal life questions and may imply that the situation at hand is the result of forces beyond the querent’s control. With this distinction in mind, it becomes easier to divide and understand a reading. This is particularly true if one is working to a rigid spread, such as the obstacle reading mentioned yesterday, a past-present-future spread, or the classic Celtic Cross.

It is this last spread that I want to explore today. Most of the time, I prefer the immediacy of shorter spreads, as I tend to go into a reading with a specific query in mind. The Celtic Cross, however, is a bit like a spiritual body scan. It checks out all of one’s major identifiers and displays them in a preordained hierarchy.

This spread begins by drawing a Significator before the reading proper begins. This card is chosen to represent the querent. It can either be handpicked by the reader or drawn from the deck directly. Today, I chose to ask the deck for my Significator and received The Fool. For anyone embarking on a new journey, as I am here, this is appropriate.

The Significator: The Fool. Salt lamps found 4 Salt Candle Tea Light Holders (Bundle)here.

And thus begins the spread. I chose my very first tarot deck, the Ancient Italian Tarot: 78 full colour tarot cardsAncient Italian Tarot. When I first started reading, I wanted to be as close to the origins of tarot as I could get. In the years since I bought it, it has served me well.

A full Celtic Cross spread, built on the Significator.

The first card is that which covers the querent, representing her primary focus. Here, we have the Ace of Swords, which indicates a spiritual breakthrough or mental growth. It also stands for new beginnings or enterprises. Quite poignant, considering my new change in focus. So far so good.

The second card displays what crosses the querent and any obstacles in her way. The Moon is in this crossed position, representing the inner self, intuition and what comes from within. The negative aspects of this card (deceit, lunacy, lack of clarity) are often the result of not listening to one’s inner self. Therefore, I can infer from this that my obstacle is a habit of shunning my inner voice.

The third card is what lies beneath the querent – her foundation. It can also bring to light hidden aspects of the self. My card for this position is called The Hierophant in most decks; in the Ancient Italian Tarot, it is il Papa: The Pope. As I am a cradle Catholic, I would be surprised to see anything else. This card is steeped in tradition and patriarchy. It can also mean that a spiritual path guides the querent’s life and actions.

The fourth card is what crowns the querent, and may also represent what is known to her. Here, we see the Six of Cups. This card is one of nostalgia and memories, usually positive. In this position, it could be seen as happy memories reminding me that I will be happy in the future also.

The fifth card stands for what has passed, possibly in influences or events. The card in this position is the Four of Cups, which represents withdrawal or ennui. It can represent a time of fallow fields, necessary to grow a rich harvest in the future. It’s pleasing for me to see this card in my ‘past’ location, as it implies that the period of less creativity was necessary for me to move forward in my ventures.

The sixth card depicts what is to come. In this spread, I drew The Lovers. This card represents a union of opposites, whether internal or external. The card also indicates that the union, which must be a choice, is sanctioned by an authority figure. This is therefore seen as a positive card, and so I will look forward to seeing which inner or outer rift will be healed and made whole.

The seventh card shows the querent’s state of mind and self-image. The Six of Wands is positioned here, which indicates victory over self-doubt, as well as success and processing forward in style. Indeed, it has felt like a personal victory just for me to get started writing this blog. Admitting my area of study, to myself and my family, has given me a new focus as well.

The eighth card represents the querent’s house and her relationship to it. The card here is the Ace of Wands, which can also represent the beginning of an enterprise. In this way, it reflects the earlier Ace of Swords, and their energies are synergistic. From this, I can gain further confidence that I have made the correct choice in my endeavours.

The ninth card can either show the querent’s hopes or fears – or what she secretly hopes for but still fears. We humans are complex creatures like that. At any rate, we can see an old acquaintance here: the Five of Coins. Again, this card represents destitution and a sense of lack. I can honestly say that this is one of my greatest fears. However, today I felt a different sense of the card’s meaning. It normally depicts two people in need of clothes and warmth passing a church. Perhaps it also implies the need to ask for assistance. For them, it could be their basic needs. For me, it could be that I need to stop being so proud regarding my study and remember to ask for help when I need it. Asking for and receiving help fulfil the hope and fear category.

The final card is the card of Christmas Future, showing what is to come. Happily, the card is a positive one in this spread. The Six of Swords represents moving away from past troubles and settling after a period of upheaval. Physical travel may be involved, or this could simply be a time of integration and wholeness. Bring it on.

Finding Clarity Through Tarot

Today, it’s raining very hard and my pets and I are all cooped up in the house together. These consist of our cat, Dixie, and our recently adopted dogs, Polly and Ozzie. On one hand, I feel great contentment here. On the other, however, I am feeling some sadness: spending time with the dogs means leaving the cat on her own, and vice versa. The dogs have only shared our home for two and a half weeks, so some periods of standoffishness are to be expected. However, I am so hoping for some love to develop between all of these furry babies. Perhaps it’s an optimistic outlook. Thus, today I look to the cards to provide me with a guide.

For this, I have done a four-card reading: Eight of Pentacles, Two of Wands, Seven of Cups and Two of Cups.

Deck used: The Original Rider Waite Tarot DeckOriginal Rider Waite

The Eight of Pentacles indicates diligence, repeated effort and refining skills. This could mean a need to continue the efforts of socialisation, and refine the skill of reading my cat so as to not rush her.

The Two of Wands has appeared again, and here its meaning feels slightly different than it did previously. It’s a card of the unexpected, indicating that a choice needs to be made, and a surprise may be afoot.

It leads is to the Seven of Cups, which is another card of choice. This time, the choices abound, bombarding the querant with so many possibilities that selection may feel impossible. There is much creative potential, but a choice must be made with the heart.

Pleasingly, the ultimate card dispels any doubt of the outcome. The Two of Cups is a card of harmony and sharing. Presumably, this outcome is in our future provided that the other conditions are met.

While this reading was overall positive, I still felt a lack of clarity. This should not be seen as a fault of the deck, but rather my own lack of directness when asking the question. Thus, I decided to try again. This time, I indicated beforehand which spread I would be using: one for overcoming obstacles in four cards. Card 1 in this spread represents the situation at hand, card 2 represents the obstacle, card 3 is the appropriate course of action and card 4 is the expected outcome.

Immediately, this reading felt more applicable. Sometimes, the tarot can provide us with lots of information, but it makes little sense without a structure that must be in place from the beginning.


The Situation card is the Eight of Swords. Though this card is quite negative, it implies that the situation is one of the querant’s own making, and her way out will become clear once she chooses to move. After all, the path out is clear to anyone viewing the situation.

The Obstacle card is the Three of Swords. It implies that a third party has entered, resulting in heartbreak and sadness. Thus, I feel that the obstacle at hand is Dixie’s way of life being invaded. Perhaps the three swords represent each of them, resulting in a drastic change in their collective way of life. And how appropriate that the background in the card should mirror the sky today.

The Action card is the Queen of Cups, which feels like very subdued action. This queen is intuitive, generous and loving. Perhaps she needs to be located, as in an animal expert or trainer, or perhaps she represents who I need to become to resolve this situation: a woman in tune with the needs of my animals. My favourite resource for all things cat-related is Jackson Galaxy; I expect it’s time to consult him on socialising cats and dogs.

Lastly, the Outcome card is the Seven of Pentacles. This card represents the benefits owed after hard work. The subject looks admiringly on as his crop grows, lush and full. His work isn’t done, as he still has his rake or hoe close to hand, but he is able to pause and acknowledge that he has done right by his harvest. Ultimately, that is all I want to be able to say about my own caregiving.

Today’s Tarot Reading: Two of Wands, Five of Coins, The Lovers

Sharing my personal tarot readings is a bit like sharing a journal entry – they can get pretty personal. The reason many of us turn to the wisdom of the tarot is to answer niggling questions about ourselves, and today’s was no different for me. As previously mentioned, I’ve had some difficulty adjusting to my new residence, and seeing my cat’s stress markers heightened made me feel all the sadder.

I’ve spent weeks daydreaming about our old flat and thinking that, if only I could get it back, I could redecorate and show my husband how perfect it was. Today, though, I’d finally had enough of my own moping. Time to turn to the tarot.

My query was, ‘Tarot please show me how to progress myself from living in the past.’ The cards I drew were: Two of Wands, Five of Coins and The Lovers.

Deck used: Golden TarotGolden Tarot by Kat Black

With a three-card spread, I usually see this as a past-present-future journey. However, that didn’t feel like the message the cards were conveying today. In the first location, we have the Two of Wands. This indicates future planning, forward motion and understanding. There is also something regal about the man we see – though he carries a wand and globe (stating, in tiny letters, continent names), they could as easily be the orb and sceptre. This suggests that a noble path is involved, even if it only feels like putting one foot in front of the other.

The following card was (once again) Five of Coins. Having recently had this in a one-card reading, I’m not overly surprised to see it again. After all, cards can keep reappearing until the issues are fully dealt with, and the card gets to the heart of my query. My focus is still on what I lack, remembering only the elegance and simplicity of apartment-style living. Therefore, this aspect of myself, which manifests as a humbling feeling of lack, is more in my own mind than my actual state. I am living in the past rather than moving into the journey suggested by the Two of Wands.

The final card is The Lovers, which is the only Major. This indicates that the resolution is to be found outside myself, in the purity that is love itself. The Lovers is the counterpart of The Devil, which indicates that desires are often the result of temptation and misguided choices. In The Lovers, however, the couple’s union is blessed by an angel and watched over by a bird of paradise. While the couple seems a bit tentative, the card’s presence indicates that problems will be overcome by relying on one another. Moreover, loving another person can help make one more forgiving, even of one’s self. I also need to point out that there is a little dog depicted in this card, which some would say is an Italian greyhound. However, at first glance it looks like a hairless dog to me – here’s hoping that one is in my future!

In short, the reading indicates that future planning and forward motion will bridge a gap of perceived lack to reach love and contentment. Even when times feel bleak and change has rocked the metaphorical boat, there is always progress to be made, and always love to give.

Today’s Tarot Reading: Death, The Moon, The Chariot

And so I began today’s reading as per usual: Dear Tarot, please help me to clear my mind and guide my path. The cards today were particularly resonant.

Deck used: The Original Rider Waite Tarot DeckThe Original Rider Waite; journal found Mother of Pearl Journal (Diary, Notebook)here.

I have drawn three cards – Death (this one leapt out of the deck as opposed to being drawn), The Moon and The Chariot. All cards of the Major Arcana, which hints at some pretty big stuff going down.

So, in Death, we see impartial endings and beginnings. As this is in the ‘past’ position, this could be a comment on my recent change in work circumstances. The concept of death itself is also linked to the next life. Perhaps it is a reminder to let go of things which no longer serve me in this life as they did in my previous life; a sort of ‘you can’t take it with you’ on the present plane. The fact that this card was a leaper indicates to me that its message was vital and needs to be regarded as important.

One thing that’s striking here is the echoing of the towers in the background of Death and the mid-ground of The Moon. The towers seem to flank the path we take in both instances, though one side is more aligned with wildness than the other (i.e., the right side is represented by the wolf, the left by the dog). The tongues of fire which rain down on the scene are represented by the Hebrew letter Yod, which can mean both 10 and iodine (iodine, incidentally, has an atomic number of 53; 5+3=8, and 8+10=18, the number of the card itself). This is a psychological card, reminding us that things are rarely clear when we are working in low lighting. Shadows and anxiety are great at this time. However, there is a path through the card – intuition and faith are required to follow it through the darkness.

This leads us to the last card, The Chariot. In this card, the driver has turned away from civilisation (presumably passing through the aforementioned towers to do so) to pursue his own path. Again, duality is present, echoed from The Moon. Yet, this driving force does not need to rely on the driver’s physical strength. Instead, he relies on inspiration and willpower – the wand from The Magician is present here, if a bit larger than before (oo-er). Therefore, that initial lightning strike starts our progress, but willpower keeps it going.

So, I am interpreting the reading thus: what came before was a sudden change in lifestyle, leaving me to reevaluate my possessions and way of life. This process has thrown me into a darkened state of anxiety and confusion. Intuition and faith must now be relied upon to keep to the necessary path. In things to come, the path leads us through the realm of material goods and out the other side, relying on willpower and inspiration to see us through to the end.

Overall, it is a positive reading. Here, I am reminded of Picasso’s advice: ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.’ This is simply a reminder to keep on my intellectual pursuits, past the materialistic delights of fashion so that I might come to rely on my intuition and inner strength, even with the wolves howl and creepy crawlies emerge from the depths of my subconscious. In this dimly lit time, it is necessary to remember that a golden time is up ahead, where I will be moving fearlessly along.

Thank you, Tarot.