Changing Tack

For a while now, I’ve been writing strictly about minimalism and getting my life in order by clearing out my space. This has been working well for me, and gradually I am reducing my possessions to have a tidier home. As much fun as this is, I feel as though it’s time for me to branch out with regards to what I write. I have loads of interests, activities, qualifications, etc., which are currently vying for my attention.

Therefore, I will be changing it up around here. I will be holding space for my spiritual growth, discoveries in the complex world of personal health and progression in my ‘proper writing.’ I’ll be doing more tarot readings and eventually create a library for all the tarot card meanings.

I’m also about to move internationally, so I’ll be sharing that experience with you as I blossom in my new life. Things are getting exciting!

Let’s do this.