It is with excitement and trepidation that I announce publication of my own works of fiction and nonfiction. In recent years, I have written two novels, published under Andrea M Hamilton, and am working on a third. Additionally, I have written a book about surviving shopping addiction. All are available on Amazon, in both paperback and e-book.


In a world of consumerism, this book addresses the addiction to things which many of us have. Through its pages, we’ll work towards finding abundance in what we already own rather than always feeling that we need more stuff to make us happy, or take the edge off our anxiety. Most importantly, we’ll look at our beliefs surrounding stuff to see what is resonant and true, and learn to let go of our unnecessary purchases – both past and future.

To do this, we need to understand where our addiction to buying comes from so we can learn to avoid our triggers. We’ll also begin to disengage from the consumerist cycle so we can experience more freedom, greater financial independence and a sense of knowing our true self. This will clear the way for uncovering what is important to us at our core.

The ultimate goal is an internal self-reliance without the intrusion of commercial influences, and becoming in tune with the body and its own messages. Additionally, there is a section on clearing out in time with the moon. I hope that this book will help you feel satisfied with what you already have, to clear away the things you don’t need and provide you with the tools to make the right shopping decisions going forward.

Though supporting small businesses and buying less are gaining popularity, large fashion conglomerates and credit card companies are still making money from us. This book is for those who recognise their actions as destructive to themselves and wish to grow towards healthier habits when they can’t seem to quit. It is also for those who are recovering from shopping addiction and wish to change their lifestyle, as well as receive encouragement to let go of the relics that addiction has left behind.


From Flanders to her new home in Normandy, the Lady Matilda’s life is always on the fringes of European power. She and her family weave their influence through ambassadors and churchmen, as well as more occult methods. When her husband, William of Normandy, invades England, she becomes its first Queen. However, his tenuous hold as King over the country ensures that they live closely with paranoia and rebellion. Cultures, languages and religious interpretations collide in Norman England, and Matilda finds herself reliant on the English mystic, Agnes, for comfort. Agnes shows Matilda a future so shocking that the new Queen will do everything in her power to prevent it, including rebelling against her husband.


As a young woman, Natalia is devoted to her country and her role within it. However, as her father’s heir-apparent, she finds herself at odds with his wishes and needs to fight for her own position. The intrigues around her bring a new threat to court – the charismatic Lady Eva. Both Natalia and Eva dream of marrying for love, but they quickly realise that the best way to control their own fates may not be through such innocent means. Soon, they find themselves allied with opposing factions at court, and they know that one cannot live whilst the other survives.

Rich in period detail, the vibrant court of Novalia is sure to keep readers enthralled. Told through the eyes of characters as passionate as they are compelling, Novalia will stay with readers long after the final page is turned.